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At the heart of Sun Agro, its more than having a business – the emphasis is on to facilitate the benefits of sesame products reach to the customers in the best possible and efficient ways. We are Organic and BRC (British Retail Consortium) – GFSI certified company following epitome standard of food safety in producing our products. Our team adheres to the stringent norms of farm-to-fork concept in order to meet our objectives.

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We continuously work in close-knit with our customers and develop innovative Indian spices and sesame products with unique features that reap maximum benefits to our customers. Every minute feedback from the market is inculcated in our systems for improvising our end services.

Our team at Sun Agro puts every effort to have a seamless integration of materials, processing techniques and packaging for achieving insurmountable production results.

Your association will bring us both to the best of sesame’s world and beyond.




Organic (NOP / NPOP / EOS)

Organic (NOP / NPOP / EOS)







IOPEPC (for European Union)

IOPEPC (for European Union)

KFDA (Korea)

KFDA (Korea)




"We have been gifted with a professional relation with Sun Agro since many years. And we can gratefully say that they are our most reliable, faster reacting and attentive suppliers.  And the quality of their tahini is absolutely exceptional.  Thank you for the quality and dedication of your work!"

Anandi Breton, India

"We extremely satisfied with the quality of Sun Agro's Black Sesame Paste product."

Yun Oh Jeong, South Korea

"Good Quality and Good Service with Prompt Nice Support"

Nguyen Yen Ky, Vietnam

"Buenos días Estamos contentos y muy satisfechos de la calidad y el servicio que nos dan en SUN AGRO, para nosotros una de las mejores compañías que esta ahora nos suministran mercancía . A las pruebas nos remitimos ya que son varios años los que estamos colaborando y trabajando conjuntamente, no habiendo encontrado gente mas competente en el suministro de sésamo dorado tostado, ya que cada año subimos las cantidades compradas"

Jose Macario Perez , Spain

"The most delicious sesame in the world."

Alexandre Zenkner, Brazil

"Incomparable quality in sesame seed and great support."

Alberto Rodríguez, Spain

"Sun Agro is one of the best, if not the best suppliers of sesame seeds from India. Trustworthy and very open minded when it comes to business ideas. Great service and product."

Kamal Zabidat, The Netherlands

"We have used Sun Agro’s high quality sesame seeds for almost a year. Their quality of product and service is unparalleled. Their product always comes out at top quality for all our technical requirements and their service has always been accommodating and polite. I would highly recommend them for all sesame based products."

Swati Biwal, U.K.

"We have been dealing with Sun Agro for more than 10 years . They still continue to give the same great service since the beginning of our venture. Always helpful and always supplying the correct product grades required.  We still continue to use Sun Agro due to their amazing service excellence and hope to do so in years to come."

Kumarin Marriday , South Africa

"I’ve enjoyed working with Kanha Foods over the years, and have learned to count on them for timely orders and superior product."

Jonathan Armstrong, USA

"High quality and great service."

Roberto Meroni, Italy

"Excellent service we have received so far."

Dhanji Maru, India

"As a UK food ingredient company buyer,  I visit your factory several time. We were Happy for the quality of hulled sesame seed product received in UK from you. I also appreciate the friendship relationship with Mr. Kris. Good product , great people."

West Ma, Canada

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